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Road-to-Race motorcycle conversion

Road-to-Race motorcycle conversion

At Crowe Performance to build a track bike or a full-on race bike is something we do regularly.  For a start all of Phil’s bikes are prepared 100% in-house by Phil and the team. We also have a number of ready-to-race Crowe Performance bikes that are either raced or used for testing by our riders. Every years we convert and prepare (as well as regularly service) track or race bikes for tens of customers.

Bike sourcing
For customers looking to acquire a bike for track days or club racing we can offer the sourcing of the bike.  Given our long-term relationships with many bike manufacturers and dealerships we can buy bikes at very competitive prices.  If you are thinking of buying a bike for track days or club racing contact us and we can offer you a ‘full package’ deal which includes the bike plus all the conversion work and parts. 

‘Bespoke’ road bike to race conversion
With the wealth of experienced that Phil and the team gained over the years we can prepare bikes in what we like to define as ‘bespoke’ to our customers.
When we take on road-to-race conversions we prepare the bikes to a detailed specification that we define with the customers.  We determine our customers’ needs when it comes to things like:

  • Budget
  • Level of overall bike spec (track day, superstock, superbike)
  • Ergonomics: counting with our own in-house suspension expertise we prepare bikes to suit our customers level of riding, size and weight.  Phil being 6ft 7in and 120kg (19st) we have a lot of experience setting up bikes.
  • ECU/Mapping: we have our own Dynojet dynamometer and we are Authorised and Approved Dynojet Centre as well as having Woolich software we count with the facilities and the software needed to custom map ECUs to match the customer needs.
  • Race parts/performance parts:  having relationships with the main distributors we can source all parts needed and at very competitive prices.
  • Crowe Performance parts:  having our own performance parts, designed by us and produced for us (100% UK made) gives us additional options when it comes to sourcing parts.
  • Race body kit:  we have our own body kits (for some bike models) and we also have a spray/paint shop in-house.
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