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Under Strict Team Orders - Phil Crowe Still on the Mend

Under Strict Team Orders - Phil Crowe Still on the Mend

As successful as the IoM TT was for Phil this year, the last few months have also been challenging due to several injuries that he is still nursing.
Photo By: Crowe Performance

As much as Phil tends to play it down, the reality is that he has been battered on a few crashes recently, including a big one before the TT and the disappointing crash on the final lap of the Senior TT race, when he was 15 miles away from finishing 7th. (!)

Since mid-May Phil has not only suffered various injuries but he has also lost consciousness, albeit briefly, in each one of the last three crashes he had.  This prompted a full body MRI scan which revealed that he had six broken ribs still mending, a concocted lung still showing swollen bruising and the most recent shattered collarbone that was operated on and had a metal plate inserted only two weeks ago.

This time around, Phil will not get away with it.  The team at Crowe Performance and everyone around him are determined to stop him from racing until he is 100% fit and well.  Yes, there have been some high-pitched discussions in the office recently, and some fall-outs even. But on this occasion, the line has been firmly drawn.

For this reason Phil will not be racing at the Ulster GP this year.  We all regret this decision very much.  Phil is certainly bitterly disappointed, to put it mildly. He is still trying to come to terms with this decision and probably thinking he might find a way to avoid this racing curfew. But his crew and the team will not support him this time.  His trusted crew, led by no other than his mate and experienced racer John IngRAM, had to stamp their views strongly and boycott the Ulster GP for Phil’s own sake.

Of course, the team has to put up with Phil’s unbelievable and even laughable arguments - he tried to convince everyone that the shoulders and arms are “not really under too much stress during races”. Yes, he actually comes up with this kind of lines!  On this occasion we are not talking about any ordinary race but the Ulster GP, which is one of the toughest and fastest road races there is where, at places, bikes could reach 200mph.  There is probably not a single muscle or bone in the entire body that is not under stress during a race like this.

On a more positive note, his injuries are mending fast and well.  This means that Phil will be able to get on the bike quite soon and start getting ‘bike fit’ again.  As always, his team and race crew will fully support his return to racing.

Finally realising that the Ulster GP is indeed a lost cause, Phil is now focusing with ferocious vengeance on the next big event - Classic Isle of Man TT Races -  so stay tuned, he is teeing up something quite special. 

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