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Moto Time Attack

Moto Time Attack

Tom Neave and Matt Truelove dominate on the big bikes.
Photo By: Rich Sams

Last weekend the 2018 Time Attack event took place at Cadwell Park.  It was another great event on what is truly becoming a fixture on the calendar.  Big shout to the Time Attack organisers for the brilliant idea of starting this event for bikes last year.  It offers the perfect combination of massive amount of track time with the added incentive of trying to beat the chrono (and your fellow racers of course).  In other words it is like a race meeting but with more track time and in a more relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

This year the two riders that dominated the 2017 event could not attend (Chrissy Rouse and Phil Crowe who is having a shoulder operation as we write this).  

Time Attack 2018 has also been a very successful event for Crowe Performance in many ways (even if Phil could not participate … he would have won it of course).  We try to mention the boss of Crowe Performance since this is being posted on his site …

Tom Neave on his Suzuki GSXR 1000 (Crowe Performance has a degree of involvement in its development) dominated the event fronting every one of the many sessions during the weekend.  Matt Truelove was close on Tom’s heals during the whole event.  

Matt was experimenting with the Crowe Performance Suzuki GSXR1000 so big credit to him for jumping on a totally new bike to him (Matt races on BSB Superstock on a Yamaha McAms) and putting very impressive lap times right from the start.  On his fourth session he was already lapping just over 1:30, so a very impressive ride from Matt on the Crowe Performance Suzuki.  His best lap time of the weekend was 1:29:7.  Considering that he was testing and swapping bikes during the event, to be lapping in the 1:29s is a great achievement by Matt.

The event ended with a record being broken by Tom.  He managed a couple of 1:29:0 which is truly remarkable.  Of course, Tom being a racer he is not entirely satisfied … because he wanted put in a lap time in the 1:28 !

A nice twist to this story is that now Tom has officially logged in a faster lap time at Cadwell than Phil.  Is that moment in the life of every mentor happened? – i.e. one of his proteges is now faster than him?  How Phil is in hospital lets give him the benefit of the doubt ... and because he is the boss.

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