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Knockhill BSB 2018 - Tom Neave Mega Results

Knockhill BSB 2018 - Tom Neave Mega Results

Tom had a great weekend at Knockhill finishing 7th on the Saturday Superstock 1000 race and 2nd on the Sunday race. This is a huge achievement for many reasons and that is why we think it merits to give some background.
Photo By: Prime Media Images

We are lucky to count Tom (and his twin brother Tim – The Neave Twins) as close friends of Crowe Performance.  We know first-hand the ‘behind the scenes’ of the Neave Twins racing so we are aware of the hard work and the hurdles that Tom had to deal with during the early part of this season.  That is why we feel so happy for Tom and his team for what they achieved this weekend at Knockhill.  

Tom decided to switch to the big bikes (1000cc, 190bhp + machines) only 6 months ago.   He started preparing for the new challenge early in the year and he used the winter testing to familiarise himself with the 1000cc bike.  His Boxing Social race bike was not ready until March so Tom used the Crowe Performance Suzuki Superstock missile during the winter to begin his familiarisation with the Gixxer (as we mentioned on other articles on this website).   

From the start Tom felt very comfortable on the big bike however he stepped up his fitness and strengthening sessions and routine to better handle the bigger beast.  All was going well until his shoulder (an old injury) started playing funny and constantly dislocating.  After a few expert and medical consultations the decision was to operate the shoulder and fix it once and for all.  Not an easy decision since this meant he will miss the first two, or probably three, races of the championship.

The shoulder op was a success however the recovery took longer than expected ruling Tom out of the first three race meetings of the championships – a big blow to his plans and expectations for the year.  Tom continued his fitness and training routine as much as possible during the recovery months but only managed a couple of track days with his race bike before his first race at Snetterton in mid-June.  Despite this being his first race of the year and his first ever race on a 1000cc bike, Tom managed to qualify 13th (out of more than 40 riders) and ended the race in P8.  Massive achievement considering also that he was coming out of long surgery recovery and not being as ‘bike fit’ as he would have wanted to.

And now, this past weekend, on what was only his second race of the year, at Knockhill, Tom achieved very impressive results again.  For a start he qualified 9th (out of more than 30 riders) and finished the first race in P7.  And there was more to come on Sunday.  On race two from 5th on the grid Tom was leading the race after just a few laps and some good overtaking manoeuvres.  Tom was battling and in the mix with some of the Superstock elite racers from some of the most established teams in the paddock.  He finished the second race in P2, undoubtedly a fantastic result and a great achievement.  Well done Tom and the whole team!

We cannot wait to witness Tom’s continued progress and future success.  No doubt there is a lot more to come from Tom … stay tuned.

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